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Commentaire de Boxofbeer La plume d’Alystros https: Commentaires Commentaire de Starfox Just to the south. Sits an a rock in the water. Just use the provided item to aggro him.

Commentaire de Krazen Alystros can be found at 64,76, on a rock. Commentaire de LinuxRules Soled as 73 holy paladin in T5 gear. Very long fight for poor holy cd. Commentaire de ostrichdeity I was able to solo this as a L73 enhance shaman with sunwell gear.

Make sure to keep moving in order to avoid the debuff he plants. Took about 4 minutes but it’s possible. Alystros hit my VW for damage.

Send VW in and pop Demonic Empowerment right away. Health Funnel constantly to keep your VW up. Drain Life works well if you’re running low on health. This strategy bloostrike.txt work for a good amount of elite quests in Northrend. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything more than dots because you’ll most likely pull aggro. With all the healing going on, you’ll be bordering threat of your VW. Commentaire de rackbar Solo’d as a 74 enhancement shaman, took me 2 minutes.

GG to being op. Commentaire de shadow As of this post, this quest seems to be bugged. No matter where we stood, no one in my party was able to summon Alystros. It kept saying « Must be closer to Alystros, » even if we were standing directly under him. A group of us tested it out.

bloodstrie.txt When we found a spot that worked for summoning, we made a note of it and tried again later, and it no longer worked. Good luck until they fix it, but if it doesn’t work for you just know bloosstrike.txt it probably will eventually if you keep trying at different times.


If by chance you actually gain any aggro just Soulshatter and continue. Takes a few minutes, but pretty much a guarantee kill.

Telecharger maps cs 1.6 bloodstrike

At the same time, checking to use my vloodstrike.txt whenever they were ready helps to cast Bone Shield and then bloodsyrike.txt a minute for it to be ready before you pull the mob. It was long but I couldn’t be bothered to ask for a group. I made sure to move around constantly to avoid the debuff. Keeping your back as much to the cliff helps with the knockback too. Commentaire de KpukeTa Haha, 3 hordes helped me do it. Commentaire de Crohns Took a vs time to solo but it was worth it.

I was rested when I killed Alystros and received exp at lvl Edit – the above post is right, you gain almost 10 k xp 74 if rested when you kill it: Commentaire de Sasztam I also solo’d him with my warlock, lvl 74 in a mix of entry level T4 epics and northrend quest greens.

I managed to solo this on my 2nd try as an Unholy DK.

Le rideau tombe

Commentaire de RogueJedi86 Because this isn’t thottbot. We don’t do « I solo’d X as Y! We’re not all Level 75 Demonology Warlocks in Tier 6, so telling us how he did it isn’t useful.

That’s the jist of why such posts always get downrated. Commentaire de RTalons I’ve always found those kind of comments helpful. If I know several other people are able to solo it at 75, then I know to leave it alone at 72 but at 77 I should be able to handle it. Commentaire de Mokazumi I just attempted this twice solo as a level 74 enhancement shaman. I dropped my Fire Elemental, healing stream, Strength of Earth totem, summoned my wolves and started going at him.

I tried to keep Twin Howl up on my wolves so they would get hit and not me, popped a couple of pots and healed with the proc of Maelstrom Weapon. But I couldn’t get it’s health down more then half before he got me.

Commentaire de Persephonie It was soloable as a level 73 demo lock. To be honest it wasn’t difficult as a demo lock, I only have 1 point in improved health funnel, and low spell damage for my level. Spell damage is Spell cycle went like this: Send in voidwalker, cast demonic empowerment, followed by torment and suffering. Applied corruption and curse of agony on mob and just sat there casting health funnel.

The only thing difficult about this mob at least for demo warlocks is that he has k and takes forever to take down. Only once did this mob turn on me briefly and that was because I tossed on an immolate to see if he would aggro, and he did. This was when he was down to about 60k hp. I cast soulshatter and he was right back on the voidwalker. Kept applying demonic empowerment every minute along with suffering every 2 minutes.

cs bloodstrike.txt

When he was down to about k, I cast demon form and burned him down with every cooldown and that was that. Blooddtrike.txt this helps anyone else trying to do this as a demo lock.


Commentaire de moenbase 76 Protection warrior.

The first time I wasn’t been able to kill him. I forgot to hit the Enraged Regen.

cs bloodstrike.txt

Popped Shield Wall too early. I also had some dps items on instead of full tanking gear. I got pretty close to killing bloodshrike.txt so If i popped the skills the right way it would’ve been very close, but pretty much duable. On the 2nd try there was a Death Knight who needed the bird as well so we duo’d it. Together with Last Rites it’s the 2nd quest I wasn’t been able to solo for now. Commentaire de Zurtus It’s soloable as feral druid at lvl 74 aswell You really need to be quick handling trinkets, CD’s, pots and Barkskin when you need to heal.

Also you have to keep moving around to avoid getting the debuff slowing your hit speed. Keep lacerate up at all time and try to take as little dmg as possible by spamming your dodge trinkets. No recommended but doable with good gear. I had cat bloodstriie.txt spec with nerfed my dodge though. Nice XP too exp.

Vampire : The Masquerade – Bloodlines, patch non-officiel

Also gave me 10k exp seeing as how i was rested. Didn’t need to use pots or kill my ghoul. Just used deathstrike and popped my vampiric blood. Stood with a tree behind me so knockback didn’t really have an bloodstike.txt.

Commentaire de Boobah As an extra bonus, it seems calling Alystros with the molts tags the mob. Here was my strategy hopefully it works for you. First thing I did was position myself securely in the notch located on the tree facing Alystros. Then I made sure I had all my tank gear on and frost presence up.

This bpoodstrike.txt because you don’t drive a car with out checking your gauges. Proceeded with the following rotation: And bloodstrie.txt is all I did keep you’re hp above his and you’ll be ok. BTW took about 3 solid minutes to bring him down.

cs bloodstrike.txt

Also if you have the Glyph of Death Strike as spoken about above your not going to want to use any runic power because it reduces the amount your healed for. I only used IBF. Commentaire de Kathucka Couldn’t solo as a 74 ret paladin with decent gear. Easily 2-manned with an elemental shaman along to heal a bit.

Commentaire de Crossbones Able to solo as level 75 ret paladin wearing mostly S4 but it was sort of close. He’s immune to stun. Had to use DS and LoH to beat him. Make sure you are judging light and using divine storm as soon as it cds since the extra healing will add up.